July 2020: Hard Landscaping

From mid July onwards we had a team of landscapers work on our garden for 2 weeks. Since moving into the house (4 years ago this month) we’ve wanted to remove the large concrete slab located by the backdoor as it’s such an eyesore and waste of space. Getting rid of large sections of this slab has given us 4 new planting areas that are located in front of the kitchen (x2) and to the side of the house (x2). I’ve always loved the idea of living somewhere where the garden wraps around the house, and I think this design helps us to achieve that feeling of melding the house and garden together. As well as work on the back garden area, the team also removed the crazy paving from the front of the house (which we’ll plant into) and replaced the brick path around the raised beds with the same riven sandstone used elsewhere. You can also see in some of the photos a new paved patio area which we plan to enclose with grasses.

Nicotiana grown from seed this year in flower (18/07/20)

Here are some photos of the work as viewed from the kitchen. You can see the concrete slab has been removed to reveal 2 large planting beds.


View of the new drive area:

Here’s a video of the work in progress that I took on the 29th July:


Heleniums in flower 18/07/20