April 2021: Spring blossom and half a greenhouse

As you might expect, April has seen lots of new growth in the garden and we’ve also had the landscaping team back who built us our new greenhouse base and wall. The greenhouse and coldframe is being installed towards the end of May so I’ll be sure to include it in next months video.


  1. I love the green tulips, ‘Spring Green’ and will get some for next year. Grandpa was a big fan of ajuga (is that how you spell it..?). Do you use slugbait? ashes (eg from a woodburner) are supposed to keep them away, too. Or maybe train Morris to pick them up carefully and run away fast into the wood with them

    1. ha! That’s a good suggestion 🙂 No we don’t use any insecticide/repellent. Yes, the ajuga is actually in flower now – a lovely deep blue colour. Boston Bulbs is where you should get your bulbs from – great value. x

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