April 2020: Spring flowers

April has been a glorious month; we’ve had lots of blue sky and sunshine to enjoy whilst spending time in the garden. The national lockdown brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic has made me so thankful to have this space to retreat to. The crab apples (Malus ‘Eversete’) that we planted around the wall in November 2019 have bloomed this month. Considering the plants are relatively small it’s been a pleasant surprise to see how much blossom they’ve produced. It will look brilliant in a few years, once the branches have been tied in to create a ‘wall’ of foliage and blossom.

we created a support around each of the 4 corners out of coppiced wood. This will eventually support the crab apple branches and we will add higher lateral supports as the trees grow

Here is a picture of the mound viewed from the back of the garden, the first taken in January and the second at the end of this month:

The tulips also bloomed this month. Our first bulb opened its petals on the 8th so they’ve provided a good level of interest this month. I’ll add more bulbs to create a denser planting scheme next year.

It’s been lovely to see the tulips en masse; I’ll add more bulbs to this bed in autumn so we get an even more impactful display next year. You can also see the 2 different types of alliums which are nearly out.

The late flowering  daffodils (Thalia) which we planted into the area around the pond started flowering in  early April; planting them densely like this was effective so we’ll add more into the main border this autumn in preparation for next spring.

Here is a recording of the bottom half of the garden taken on 30/04.


  1. Looks lovely Guy,well done you! Lots of work done in the Garden.
    We are the same,its great to have this bit of serenity and peace to retreat to at this awful mad time in the world – we are so lucky,others are not always are they?
    Worst nightmare to be in a high rise flat with absolutely nothing green nearby..
    …..food for thought!

    1. Hello Lynne! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! We are lucky indeed to have a green space to escape to. Hopefully when this is all over we can carry on with the course, I miss giggling with you! x

  2. Well Hello Guy! What a gorgeous garden you have made!!!! I am just a teeny weeny bit jealous. In your old age you will be able to find a position as a venerated Head Garden at a grand old stately. Go on GQT and make programmes on TV. Ladies and gents in Oklahoma will send you fan-mail. You’ll get a (very old) retriever and spend your summers investigating gardens in Japan or the Cote D’Azure. I say in your old age because I’m sure that the dance world would be vvvvvvv sad if you dropped the day job!

    Keep on with the excellent work.

    xxxxxxxxx Kate

    1. Kate!! How thoughtful of you to comment! I miss you! I will email you my number and we can arrange to meet up for after the lockdown? x

  3. Hey Guy,
    What a beautiful garden! It’s lovely to see how all your hard work is paying off and how the garden is literally blooming. Can’t wait to see the crab apples grow and flower.
    When Monty Don retires, I think we’ve found his replacement! More videos of your garden please.
    Laura x

    1. Hello Laura – how lovely of you to message. I’ll be adding videos into each post from now on so stay tuned..! x

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